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Procedure for Motion to Delay Entry of Discharge

The Court receives numerous Motions to Delay Entry of Discharge and/or Motions to Extend Time to Delay Discharge filed with 21-day negative notice language and would like to share the following:  

  1. Please use the title "Motion to Delay Entry of Discharge."
  2. Per Local Rule 9013, 21-day negative notice language is not necessary.
  3. In filing a Motion to Delay Entry of Discharge, please refer to Bankruptcy Rule 4004(c)(2) which appears to create the need for an extraneous motion. In light of this, consider uploading the attached form of order which will we will routinely grant, absent any unusual circumstances, with a proper Motion to Delay Entry of Discharge.  When using the form of order, be sure to include the "date requested," the Court will not provide this information.

The Court appreciates your cooperation with the above. Feel free to contact chambers if you have any questions regarding filing these pleadings.