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Multi-Court Voice Case Information System

What is McVCIS? (pronounced "mac-vee-sis")

McVCIS allows you to call the U. S. Bankruptcy Court's computer from any touch tone telephone and hear the following case information read to you by a computer-synthesized voice:

  •     Case number
  •     Names of debtors or principal adversaries
  •     Case filing date
  •     Case chapter
  •     Name of debtor’s attorney
  •     Name of trustee
  •     Name of judge
  •     Discharge and closed dates
  •     Status of the case
  •     Whether or not the case has assets
  •     Telephone number of debtor’s attorney
  •     Deadlines for filing proofs of claim
  •     First meeting of creditors date

What is the charge for using McVCIS?

    This service is provided free of charge.

When is the service available?

    You may call 7-days a week, 24-hours per day.

How current is the information?

    Since it is retrieved from the court's live database, the information reported is the most current available.

How do I use McVCIS?

    When you call the McVCIS number shown below, the computer will answer the telephone and provide you with detailed instructions. To effectively use the system please have information available before calling.

The McVCIS number for the Western District of Texas is 1-866-222-8029