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Searchable, Bookmarked, Non-Duplicative Exhibits to Motions and Other Filings

Judge Davis strongly prefers all documents to have gone through the OCR (optical character recognition) process and be searchable.  This includes both pleadings and exhibits.  In addition, where exhibits are submitted along with a pleading, parties should endeavor to use technologies such as “bookmarking” to ease the navigation and use of the exhibits.
Secondly, Judge Davis encourages the submission of fewer duplicative and lengthy exhibits.  If a motion references, as an exhibit, a document that already has been filed on this court’s docket (such as a debtor’s schedules), or that already has been uploaded as an exhibit to another document (such as a series of invoices or pay stubs, attached in a motion and then referenced again in a responsive brief), there is no need to upload the exhibit again.  A clear, concise reference to the exhibit (“Ex. A, Invoices, attached as Ex. B to Dkt. No. 1”) will suffice.
Creating a Really Accessible Document