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Case Opening Checklist

Placement of documents

   1. Petition
   2. Exhibit D
   3. Schedules
   4. Statement of Financial Affairs
   5. List of 20 top Unsecured Creditors (if applicable)
   6. List of Equity Security Holders (if applicable)
   7. Individual Debtor Statement of Intention
   8. Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Statements (if applicable)
   9. Statement of Current Monthly Income - Form B22
  10. *List of Creditors Verification and List of Creditors
  11. *Pro Se Questionnaire
  12. *Credit Counseling Certificate
  13. *Statement of Social Security Number - Form 21 (if applicable)
  14. *Chapter 13 Plan (if applicable)
  15. *Order to Employer to Pay to the Trustee (if applicable)

    *Please note items marked with an asterisk should be submitted separately from the petition package.