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(a) Any motion to dismiss or convert shall state whether the case has been previously converted from another Chapter of Title 11.

(b) A motion to convert a case filed pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 1112(a) shall state whether:

(1) the debtor is a debtor-in-possession;

(2) the case was commenced by an involuntary petition; and

(3) the case was previously converted to Chapter 11 other than on the debtor’s request.

(c) Section 521(i)(1) Dismissals.

The Court will enter an order dismissing a case voluntarily filed by an individual debtor under Chapter 7 or 13 under § 521(i)(1) only upon motion of a creditor or party in interest. If no motion is filed, the case will be deemed not to have been dismissed. A motion seeking an order of dismissal under § 521(i)(1) must be filed no later than the 65th day after the date of filing of the case in order for the case to be deemed to have been dismissed effective on the 46th day after the date of filing of the petition. A motion filed later than the 65th day, if granted, will result in a dismissal effective the date of entry of the order dismissing the case. A motion filed pursuant to this Local Rule shall be served on the debtor, the debtor’s counsel, the trustee, the United States Trustee, and all creditors and parties in interest.

(d) Section 521(e)(2)(A) Dismissals.

A party in interest seeking dismissal of a case for failure to comply with § 521(e)(2)(A) must do so by motion. Such motion must be served upon the trustee, the debtor, the debtor’s counsel, and the United States Trustee.