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Electronic Redaction and Restriction Instructions

Monday, December 1, 2014

For requesting redaction/electronic restriction of personal information in documents or pleadings
filed in our Court:

  • If the case is closed, there is no need to reopen the case solely to file a motion to redact.


  • Effective December 1, 2014, use the CM/ECF new event: Motions/Applications > Redact (25.00 Fee Per Case) and pay the $25 filing fee.
  • Attach and upload our local form Order Granting Restriction of Electronic Access, available onour website.
  • The Order lays out the procedure for restricting access to personal information, as well as the filing of a redacted version of the document once the order is granted. If you have not already, please begin using this form Order.
  • This type of motion can be granted ex parte. Upload as an ex parte order type and do not include objection language.
  • The recommended docket event to file the redacted document is Other > ~Document and type "Redacted" in the docket free text before the document description. This will prevent the setting of new case deadlines and/or filing fees, as well as help identify the purpose of the filing. You may link the redacted filing to the original document.

Thank you for your attention.