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Filing Requirements

Case Filing Requirements

Additional Case Filing Information:

  • Do not hole punch documents.
  • Type the information on the forms, if possible and sign in black ink.
  • All forms should be legible, 8/12 by 11 inches in size and printed on one side only.
  • Submit attachments on 8/1/2 x 11 inch paper, one side only. Do not submit original invoices, deeds, stacks, etc as documents are not retained after scanning.
  • Assemble forms filed in the order shown in the checklist below (if form is required for the chapter under which you are filing).

   1. Petition

   2. Schedules

   3. Statement of Financial Affairs

   4. List of 20 top Unsecured Creditors (if applicable)

   5. List of Equity Security Holders (if applicable)

   6. Individual Debtor Statement of Intention

   7. Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Statements (if applicable)

   8. Monthly Income, Means Test, and Disposable Income - B22 Forms

  9. *List of Creditors and Verification

  10. *Pro Se Questionnaire

  11. *Credit Counseling Certificate

  12. *Statement of Social Security Number - Form 21 (if applicable)

  13. *Chapter 13 Plan (if applicable)

  14. *Order to Employer to Pay to the Trustee (if applicable)

    *Please note items marked with an asterisk should be submitted separately from the petition package.