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Exhibits (Judge Bradley)

Exhibits for Live Hearings

See Local Rule 7016(g):

Also, please email all exhibits to the law clerks and courtroom deputy 5 calendar days before the hearing by 4 p.m. (CT) (unless the hearing was set on an expedited basis). You must also copy opposing counsel on your email.

Exhibits for Virtual Hearings

Please email all exhibits to the law clerks and courtroom deputy 5 calendar days before the hearing by 4 p.m. (CT) (unless the hearing was set on an expedited basis). You must also copy opposing counsel on your email. 

Send one copy of the exhibits to the Clerk’s Office in either paper, USB or CD format (USB or CD format is preferred). 

Electronic Exhibits for Live Hearings

Courtroom #2 (Judge Bradley’s Courtroom) is equipped with HDMI cables to allow attorneys to display electronic exhibits and demonstrative presentations on the Court’s TV monitors. Electronic exhibits also will be displayed on screens on the witness stand and on the bench. 

Parties wishing to use electronic exhibits simply need to bring their computer or electronic device to the courtroom and connect it to one of the Court’s HDMI cables, one of which is available at each counsel table and the podium. Most PCs support HDMI connectivity. Apple Computers, iPads, and other tablets are also compatible with this system, but they require additional components to connect that are not supplied by the Court. 

Any party wishing to use electronic exhibits should test their computer on the Court’s system at least one day prior to the first time they plan to present. Parties who attend court regularly only need to conduct this test once. To coordinate a time to come to the courtroom and test the system, please email the Courtroom Deputy (link sends e-mail)

Materials needed for electronic presentation:

  • Your laptop, notebook and/or tablet
  • Three CDs or USB drives for Judge Bradley and extra copies for opposing counsel (for their electronic presentation or viewing) 
  • Adapters needed to connect to the HDMI cables (i.e. iPad, HDMI, Apple)

Before the hearing:

  • Let affected parties know that electronic exhibits will be used for hearing.
  • Save your exhibit folder to your desktop for quick access or be able to readily access your exhibit folder from a USB drive or both.
  • Prepare CDs/USB drives - Save all pleadings to CD/USB drive in PDF and OCR format. Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a technology that enables you to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images captured by a digital camera into editable and searchable data. (The court requires PDF; you may use other format that allows you to make your presentation in the desired manner from your laptop/ipad/notebook.)
    • Label each pdf at top and/or bottom of page (i.e. Exhibit 1; pg. 1 of 4)
    • Include a witness and exhibit list (the witness and exhibit list should also be filed on the docket)
    • Save PDF (label files with description as listed on witness and exhibit list)
    • Include any presentation (i.e. power point) file, if used.
    • Add labeled exhibits to CD/USB drive
  • Label the CD and CD cover or place the USB drive in an envelope with the following information on it:
    • Indicate whose exhibits (i.e. Plaintiff’s Exhibits 1-10)
    • Caption of the case
    • Matter being heard
    • Date of hearing
    • Number of exhibits on CD/USB drive and if more than one CD/USB drive (i.e. Exhibits #1 -10, Vol. 1 of 2).

Please do not combine multiple cases on one CD/USB drive.

Day of the hearing:

  • ARRIVE AT LEAST 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO COURT TO TEST YOUR EQUIPMENT (Courtroom Deputy needs to do a quick virus scan of the CDs/USB drives being provided for the court’s use)
  • Connect to a HDMI cable at either one of the counsel cables and/or at the podium
  • Toggle your screen to “duplicate” (some devices might automatically toggle and display on video monitors)
  • Have a clean monitor screen (no personal file folders visible)
  • Turn off email/messaging notification
  • Turn off sound on laptop/ipad/notebook (for notifications, i.e. airplane mode)
  • Perform a test run of the exhibits with the Courtroom Deputy

Electronic Presentation:

  • When ready to display your exhibits, parties will need to request access to display their exhibits. Parties in the courtroom view exhibits on the video monitors.
  • Narrate while displaying exhibits to make the record clear
    • Indicate which exhibit is being displayed on the monitor
    • Indicate which page number of the exhibit (i.e. Exhibit 1 page 4 of 10) is being shown
  • Technical Recess
    • You may request a standing recess for trouble shooting issues


Searchable, Bookmarked, Non-Duplicative Exhibits to Motions and Other Filings [Link to pdf]