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e-Exhibits Procedures and FAQ

Court Procedures:
Prior to Court

1. Contact Courtroom Deputy one week (minimum) prior to hearing to setup a time to test your equipment with our system.

2. Inform opposing counsel that you will be using e-Exhibits.

3. Organize evidence on your laptop for presentation.

Day of Hearing

1. Arrive with laptop, 30 minutes prior to court hearing.

2. Bring two CD or DVD copies of documents in PDF format.

e-Exhibits FAQ:

How much notice should I give the court that I want to use electronic exhibits?

Contact the Courtroom Deputy a minimum of 1 week prior to trial.

Can I receive training before the hearing?

Yes. Training is scheduled through the appropriate Courtroom Deputy.

Does displaying e-Exhibits require any special software or an internet connection?

No. The service does not require special software or an internet connection. It plugs in directly to your laptop's HDMI port.

Where are the HMDI connectors located in the courtroom?

Attorneys can connect at either counsel table or at the lectern.

Will it work on a Mac?

Yes, with a specific HDMI adapter. It is the responsibility of the Mac owner to provide the appropriate adapter.

Do I still need to provide paper copies of exhibits to the court?

Check the judge's page presiding over your case for details on whether or not you still need to provide the Court with hard copies.

Is there a preferred screen resolution for presentation?

Yes. The system performs optimally with laptops set to 1024 x 768 resolution.

Will Bankruptcy Court IT staff provide technical support?

Bankruptcy Court IT staff cannot provide any technical support for non-court equipment.

In what courtrooms is this technology available in the Bankruptcy Court across the Western District of Texas?

  • Austin Courtroom 1 (Hon. Tony M. Davis)
  • Austin Courtroom 2 (Hon. H. Christopher Mott)
  • El Paso Courtroom (Hon. H. Christopher Mott)
  • San Antonio Courtroom 1 (Hon. Ronald B. King)
  • San Antonio Courtroom 3 (Hon. Craig A. Gargotta)
  • Waco Courtroom (Hon. Ronald B. King)

*NOTE – The court will not provide any equipment nor will it delay any proceedings due to technical difficulties or failure.