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Chapter 5 Creditors, the Debtor, and the Estate (Judge Mott)

Creditors and Claims
Section 501 Filing of proofs of claim or interests.
Section 502 Allowance of claims or interests.
Section 503 Allowance of administrative claims.
Section 504 Sharing of compensation.
Section 505 Determination of tax liability.
Section 506 Determination of secured status.
Section 507 Priorities.
Section 508 Effect of distribution other than under this title.
Section 509 Claims of codebtors.
Section 510 Subordination.
Section 511 Rate of interest on tax claims.
Debtor's Duties and Benefits
Section 521 Debtor's duties.
Section 522 Exemptions.
Section 523 Exceptions to discharge.
Section 524 Effect of discharge.
Section 525 Protection against discriminatory treatment.
Section 526 Restrictions on debt relief agencies.
Section 527 Disclosures.
Section 528 Requirements for debt relief agencies.
The Estate
Section 541 Property of the estate.
Section 542 Turnover of property to the estate.
Section 543 Turnover of property by the custodian.
Section 544 Trustee as lien creditor and as successor to certain creditors and purchasers.
Section 545 Statutory liens.
Section 546 Limitations on avoiding powers.
Section 547 Preferences.
Section 548 Fraudulent transfers and obligations.
Section 549 Postpetition transactions.
Section 550 Liability of transferee of avoided transfer.
Section 551 Automatic preservation of avoided transfer.
Section 552 Postpetition effect of security interest.
Section 553 Setoff.
Section 554 Abandonment of property of the estate.
Section 555 Contractual right to liquidate, terminate, or accelerate a securities contract.
Section 556 Contractual right to liquidate, terminate, or accelerate a commodities contract or forward contract.
Section 557 Expedited determination of interests in, and abandonment or other disposition of grain assets.
Section 558 Defenses of the estate.
Section 559 Contractual right to liquidate, terminate, or accelerate a repurchase agreement.
Section 560 Contractual right to liquidate, terminate, or accelerate a swap agreement.
Section 561 Contractual right to liquidate, terminate, accelerate, or offset under a master netting agreement and across contracts; proceedings under chapter 15.
Section 562 Timing of damage measurement in connection with swap agreements, securities contracts, forward contracts, commodity contracts, repurchase agreements, and master netting agreements.