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Part II Officers and Administration; Notices; Meetings; Examinations; Elections; Attorneys and Accountants (FRBP 2001-2020) (Judge Gargotta)

FRBP 2001 Appointment of Interim Trustee Before Order for Relief in a Chapter 7 Liquidation.
FRBP 2002 Notices to Creditors, Equity Security Holders, et al.
FRBP 2003 Meeting of Creditors or Equity Security Holders.
FRBP 2004 Examination.
FRBP 2005 Apprehension and Removal of Debtor to Compel Attendance for Examination.
FRBP 2006 Solicitation and Voting of Proxies in Chapter 7 Liquidation Cases.
FRBP 2007 Review of Appointment of Creditors' Committee Organized Before Commencement of the Case.