Attorney Training Prerequisites

Register here for an E-Filing account

NOTE:  Registration for electronic filing with the Western District of Texas District Court does not automatically grant authorization to electronically file with the Western District of Texas Bankruptcy Court.  The CM/ECF systems are separate for each court.  Please allow time for training and the certification process well in advance of your client's required filing deadlines.


For online training, view the modules listed below. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the modules.

Each training module must be completed prior to taking the one on one training. You must complete each simulation. Each simulation has a unique code which must be filled in on your CM/ECF training answer sheet. Once your answer sheet is completed, add your name and date at the bottom, then save it and email to: TXWB ECF-REGISTRAR.

Please contact Cathy Ruiz at (210) 472-6720 ext. 5723 or Carol Boggess at (210) 472-6720 ext. 5722 if you have any questions about this process.

ATTORNEY TRAINING MODULES: (The modules below may take several minutes to load.)

Website Overview

Administrative Procedures Review

File Proof of Claim Now

Intro to CMECF

Managing Your ECF Account

Filing Motion/Application with Proposed Order

Adversary Complaint Case Opening (OPTIONAL)

Adversary Case Opening - Notice of Removal (OPTIONAL)

CM/ECF Attorney Training Answer Sheet