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Bankruptcy Rule (Judge Davis)

Part I Commencement of Case: Proceedings Relating to Petition and Order for Relief (FRBP 1002-1021)

Part II Officers and Administration; Notices; Meetings; Examinations; Elections; Attorneys and Accountants (FRBP 2001-2020)

Part III Claims and Distribution to Creditors and Equity Interest Holders; Plans (FRBP 3001-3022)

Part IV The Debtor: Duties and Benefits (FRBP 4001-4008)

Part V Bankruptcy Courts and Clerks (FRBP 5001-5011)

Part VI Collection and Liquidation of the Estate (FRBP 6001-6011)

Part VII Adversary Proceedings (FRBP 7001-7087)

Part VIII Appeals to District Court or Bankruptcy Appellate Panel (FRBP 8001-8020)

Part IX General Provisions (FRBP 9001-9037)