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Part I Commencement of Case: Proceedings Relating to Petition and Order for Relief (FRBP 1002-1021) (Judge Gargotta)

FRBP 1002 Commencement of Case.
FRBP 1003 Involuntary Petition.
FRBP 1004 Involuntary Petition Against a Partnership.
FRBP 1004.1 Petition for an Infant or Incompetent Person.
FRBP 1005 Caption of Petition.
FRBP 1006 Filing Fee.
FRBP 1007 Lists, Schedules, Statements, and Other Documents; Time Limits.

FRBP 1008 Verification of Petitions and Accompanying Papers.
FRBP 1009 Amendments of Voluntary Petitions, Lists, Schedules and Statements.
FRBP 1010 Service of Involuntary Petition and Summons; Petition for Recognition of a Foreign Nonmain Proceeding.
FRBP 1011 Responsive Pleading or Motion in Involuntary Cross-Border Cases.
FRBP 1013 Hearing and Disposition of Petition in Involuntary Cases.
FRBP 1014 Dismissal and Change of Venue.
FRBP 1015 Consolidation or Joint Administration of Cases Pending in Same Court.
FRBP 1016 Death or Incompetency of Debtor.
FRBP 1017 Dismissal or Conversion of Case; Suspension.
FRBP 1018 Contested Involuntary Petitions; Contested Petitions Commencing Ancillary Cases; Proceedings to Vacate Order for Relief; Applicability of Rules in Part VII Governing Adversary Proceedings.
FRBP 1019 Conversion of a Chapter 11 Reorganization Case, Chapter 12 Family Farmer's Debt Adjustment Case, or a Chapter 13 Individual's Debt Adjustment Case to a Chapter 7 Liquidation Case.
FRBP 1020 Small Business Chapter 11 Reorganization Case.
FRBP 1021 Health Care Business Case.