(a) Consent to Jury Trial Before Bankruptcy Court.

(1) By the Party Demanding Jury Trial. If a jury trial is requested in a matter pending before the Bankruptcy Court, the requesting party shall file with the Court, in a separate pleading and contemporaneously with the jury demand, a separate pleading entitled "Statement Regarding Consent," setting forth the following:

(A) whether the requesting party consents to the conduct of the jury trial by the Bankruptcy Court;

(B) whether the matter is one to which the Seventh Amendment right to jury trial attaches, and the grounds therefore;

(C) whether the matter is a core or non-core proceeding, and the grounds therefore; and

(D) if the matter is a non-core proceeding, whether the party consents to the entry of a final order by the Bankruptcy Court.

(2) By the Parties to the Litigation in Response to a Jury Demand. Within 14 days after the filing of a jury demand and the Statement Regarding Consent required under paragraph (a)(1) of this Rule, each party to the litigation shall file with the Court in a separate contemporaneous pleading, a "Response Regarding Consent," addressing each of the four matters referenced above.

(b) Withdrawal of the Reference in the Event of Non-Consent.

If the Court grants the jury demand and a party has refused to consent to the Bankruptcy Court's conduct of the jury trial, then any party may, within 14 days, file a motion to withdraw the reference, attaching a copy of the Court's order and a copy of the party’s refusal to consent. If no party timely files such a motion, the Court shall strike the jury demand.

(c) Application of the District Court Local Rules Relating to Jury Trials.

All rules relating to the conduct of a jury trial in the District Court shall apply to the conduct of such trials in Bankruptcy Court.