Unclaimed Funds - **NEW PROCEDURES**

Unclaimed funds are funds held by the court for an owner or recipient who is entitled to the money, but who has failed to claim ownership of it. Unclaimed funds may arise out of a variety of circumstances. For example, delivery of a payment may not be possible because of faulty or incomplete address information for the recipient or dividend checks from bankruptcy cases may not be cashed. The U.S. Courts, as custodians of these funds, have established policies and procedures for holding, safeguarding, and accounting for these funds.

    Unclaimed Funds Locator
    Requirements for Claiming Funds

The following forms must all be completed and submitted together for the claim to be processed:

    Application for Unclaimed Funds

    Certificate of Service

    W-9 Form

     AO213 Form

Please review the Unclaimed Funds Listing to see if you are due to receive any funds from this court. If you are due unclaimed funds, please follow the Requirements for Claiming Funds using the Application for Unclaimed Funds. If you have any questions about unclaimed funds, please contact the court’s Financial Administrator at (210) 472-6720 ext. 5716.