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(a) Required Service.

Any amended petition, creditor list, list of 20 largest creditors, or amended or late-filed Schedules or Statements, shall be served by the party filing same on the parties listed in L. Rule 9013(d) and as provided below.

(b) Notice to Newly Scheduled or Added Entities.

Copies of amended or late-filed Schedules or Statements shall be served within 3 days of filing, on each entity newly scheduled, newly added, or newly affected. The entity filing same shall also attach a copy of the "Order For and Notice of § 341(a) Meeting," "Discharge of Debtor," "Order Confirming Plan," and "Order Fixing Date for Filing Claims" if such orders have been entered in the case.

(c) Amendment of Creditor Lists.

Whenever schedules or amendments add new entities or correct mailing addresses, the debtor shall file with the document an amended creditor list which shall include only the names and addresses of the entities added, deleted, or corrected.

(d) Notice of Amendment of Exemptions and Deadline for Objections.

If a debtor's schedule of exemptions is amended, notice of such amendment shall be sent by the debtor to all creditors and to any trustee appointed in the case. Objections to the amended schedule must be filed within 30 days from the date of service of such notice.