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Claims Transfer Fee Effective May 1, 2013

United States Bankruptcy Court
Western District of Texas

Notice:  Claims Transfer Fee Takes Effect May 1, 2013


Effective May, 1, 2013, bankruptcy courts must charge a $25 fee for each transfer of claim filed.  This fee was approved by the Judicial Conference of the United States at its September 2012 session.

$25 will be assessed to the filer of a claim transfer document, whether filed by a transferee or transferor.  It will apply to partial claims transfers, as well as transfer of claim documents filed with or without a waiver of notice.

The fee must be paid electronically upon the filing of the claims transfer document in CM/ECF using  If the claims transfer is not filed electronically (see Standing Order Regarding Mandatory Electronic Filing), the filing fee must be paid upon receipt of the document by the clerk’s office.

Please note:  A party that electronically handles claims transfers must ensure that the individual filing the claims transfer is authorized to pay this fee through  Delinquent user accounts may be locked out and denied filing access if fees remain unpaid.

Instructions for the new claims transfer process starting May 1, 2013, are available here Attorney Instructions, Creditor Instructions.