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Chapter 11 Reorganization (Judge Gargotta)

Officers and Administration
Section 1101 Definitions for this chapter.
Section 1102 Creditors' and equity security holders' committees.
Section 1103 Powers and duties of committees.
Section 1104 Appointment of trustee or examiner.
Section 1105 Termination of trustee's appointment.
Section 1106 Duties of trustee and examiner.
Section 1107 Rights, powers, and duties of debtor in possession.
Section 1108 Authorization to operate business.
Section 1109 Right to be heard.
Section 1110 Aircraft equipment and vessels.
Section 1111 Claims and interests.
Section 1112 Conversion or dismissal.
Section 1113 Rejection of collective barganing agreements.
Section 1114 Payment of insurance benefits to retired employees.
Section 1115 Property of the estate.
Section 1116 Duties of trustee or debtor in possession in small business cases.
The Plan
Section 1121 Who may file a plan.
Section 1122 Classification of claims or interests.
Section 1123 Contents of plan.
Section 1124 Impairment of claims and interests.
Section 1125 Postpetition disclosure and solicitation.
Section 1126 Acceptance of plan.
Section 1127 Modification of plan.
Section 1128 Confirmation hearing.
Section 1129 Confirmation of plan.
Postconfirmation Matters
Section 1141 Effect of confirmation.
Section 1142 Implementation of plan.
Section 1143 Distribution.
Section 1144 Revocation of an order of confirmation.
Section 1145 Exemption from securities laws.
Section 1146 Special tax provisions.
Railroad Reorganization
Section 1161 Inapplicability of other sections.
Section 1162 Definition.
Section 1163 Appointment of trustee.
Section 1164 Right to be heard.
Section 1165 Protection of the public interest.
Section 1166 Effect of subtitle IV of title 49 and of Federal, State, or local regulations.
Section 1167 Collective bargaining agreements.
Section 1168 Rolling stock equipment.
Section 1169 Effect of rejection of lease of railroad line.
Section 1170 Abandonment of railroad line.
Section 1171 Priority claims.
Section 1172 Contents of plan.
Section 1173 Confirmation of plan.
Section 1174 Liquidation.