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Honorable Tony M. Davis, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge

Presides over cases in the Austin and Midland Divisions

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Homer J. Thornberry Federal Judicial Bldg.
903 San Jacinto Blvd., Suite 332
Austin, Texas 78701

Contacting the Court:

For filing questions, contact the Clerk’s Office at: (512) 916-5237.

For procedural questions regarding matters pending before the court, email the law clerks, the courtroom deputy, and copy all affected parties. The trustee in chapter 7, 11 (where applicable), 12, and 13 cases should also be copied. A representative from the U.S. Trustee’s office should be copied in cases where the debtor in possession is acting as the trustee. Because it is difficult to include all affected parties on phone calls, you must communicate with chambers about pending cases only through email copied on affected parties.

For questions about hearing settings, exhibits, and technical questions about WebEx/telephonic hearings, email the courtroom deputy and copy the law clerks.

Jack Eiband, Term Law Clerk
Jennifer Lopez, Courtroom Deputy
Clerk’s Office
(512) 916-5237




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