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U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Western District of Texas
Entered On or After April 15, 2005

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13-50040-cag_Shree Mahalaxmi, Inc. d-b-a Super 8_2014-12-16 23;05;55.pdf 12-17-2014
12-53298-cag_Rodelyn Pautin_2014-11-25 23;05;12.pdf 11-26-2014
14-05037-cag_AMPAM Power Plumbing, L.P. now Power Plumbing, Inc v. Capstone Building Corporation_2014-10-28 23;05;53.pdf 10-29-2014
14-50576-cag_Raul D. Morales and Susanna M. Morales_2014-10-27 10;57;26.pdf 10-27-2014
12-11580-cag_Valence Technology, Inc._2014-10-17 23;05;57.pdf 10-18-2014
14-51309-cag_McKen, LLC_2014-10-03 23;06;06.pdf 10-04-2014
14-05016-cag_Pappas v. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board_2014-09-08 23;05;18.pdf 09-09-2014
12-06031-rbk_Purser et al v. Scarbrough_2014-08-29 23;05;23.pdf 08-30-2014
13-01102-tmd_Lowell Feldman Liquidating Trustee of UPH Liquidat v. Leap Wireless International, Inc. et al_2014-08-28 23;05;16.pdf 08-29-2014
13-05057-cag_Cavu-Rock Properties Project I, LLC v. Gold Star Construction, Inc._2014-08-27 23;05;19.pdf 08-28-2014
U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Texas Western

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