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U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Western District of Texas
Entered On or After April 15, 2005

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15-10003-hcm_WBH Energy, LP and WBH Energy GP, LLC_2016-05-20 23;08;18.pdf 05-21-2016
15-11166-tmd_Russell Wade Colliau and Marci Kam Colliau_2016-05-20 23;08;16.pdf 05-21-2016
15-05076-cag_State of Texas v. Driskell, Jr et al_2016-05-02 23;06;45.pdf 05-03-2016
15-11181-tmd_Joseph Evan Solis, Sr_2016-04-15 23;06;35.pdf 04-16-2016
14-11583-tmd_Adilace Holdings, Inc._2016-03-28 23;06;11.pdf 03-29-2016
15-30827-hcm_Clean Fuel Technologies II, LLC and E.L. Hollingsworth & Company, Inc._2016-02-04 23;06;15.pdf 02-05-2016
15-52174-cag_Keith L. Klein_2016-01-29 23;06;11.pdf 01-30-2016
15-52459-cag_Stan P Bates_2016-01-26 23;06;10.pdf 01-27-2016
15-10214-tmd_Tracy Erin Karlinger-Smith and Scott David Smith_2016-01-21 23;06;10.pdf 01-22-2016
15-05025-cag_Demonbreun et al v. DeVoll_2015-12-23 23;06;14.pdf 12-24-2015
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