(Revised 08/09/11)
Addresses for notice to major agencies of the United States government are as follows:
1. Small Business Administration (SBA)

a.   San Antonio, Austin, Del Rio Division cases:
      17319 San Pedro, Suite 200
      San Antonio, Texas 78232

b.  Waco Division:
     4300 Amon Carter Blvd, Suite 114
     Fort Worth, Texas 76155

c.  El Paso and Pecos Divisions:
     211 N. Florence Street, Suite 201
     El Paso, Texas 79901

d.  Midland Division:
     1205 Texas Avenue, Room 408
     Lubbock, Texas 79401

2. Veterans Administration (VA)

a.  San Antonio and Del Rio Divisions:
     VA Regional Office
     Office of District Counsel
     2515 Murworth Drive
     Houston, Texas 77054

b.  Waco, Austin, El Paso, Midland and Pecos Divisions:
     VA Regional Office
     Office of District Counsel (02)
     1400 N. Valley Mills Drive
     Waco, Texas 76799

3. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD;FHA)

a.  San Antonio, Austin, Del Rio Divisions
     800 Dolorosa Street
     San Antonio, Texas 78207-4563

b.  El Paso, Waco, Pecos and Midland Divisions
     P.O. Box 2905
     Ft. Worth, Texas 76113-2905

4.  Department of Agriculture

a.  Farmers Home Administration (FHA) - all Divisions:
     101 South Main, Suite 102
     Temple, Texas 76501

b.  Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) and Commodity
     Credit Corporation (CCC) - all Divisions:
     Texas State ASCS/CCC
     P.O. Box 2900
     College Station, Texas 77841

5. Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

a. All Divisions:

    Internal Revenue Service (eff. 1/1/11) (replaces PO Box 21126)
    Special Procedures Staff - Insolvency
    P. O. Box 7346
    Philadelphia, PA 19101-7346

6. United States Department of Justice - All Divisions:

     United States Attorney
     [designate creditor agency if other than Dept. of Justice]

     601 N. W. Loop 410, Suite 600
     San Antonio, Texas 78216

     United States Attorney General
     Department of Justice
     950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
     Washington, D.C. 20530

a. For San Antonio, El Paso and Midland cases:

   United States Trustee
   615 E. Houston, Suite 533             P.O. Box 1539
   San Antonio, Texas 78205             San Antonio, Texas 78295-1539

b. For Austin and Waco cases:

        United States Trustee
        903 San Jacinto, Suite 230
        Austin, Texas 78701

7. State Taxing Authorities

     State Comptroller of Public Accounts
     Revenue Accounting Division - Bankruptcy Section
     P.O. Box 13528
     Austin, Texas 78711

     Texas Employment Commission
     TEC Building - Bankruptcy
     101 East 15th Street
     Austin, Texas 78778

     Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission
     Licenses and Permits Division
     P. O. Box 13127
     Austin, Texas 78711-3127