(a) Filing.

(1) Documents or proceedings may be sealed only by order of the Court, and on motion with notice to parties in interest.

(2) Documents to be sealed shall be presented to the Clerk after the order has been entered. The documents shall be contained in an envelope or other secure device, with the initials or signature of the submitting party or attorney written across the edge of the closure, and transparent tape placed on top of the mark for security. The envelope (or other secure device) shall have affixed to it a letter-size sheet of paper bearing the style and caption of the matter with reference to which the documents are being filed.

(3) The form of order submitted with the motion requesting a matter be sealed shall contain the following recitations:

(A) The matter shall remain under seal for no longer than one year from the date of entry of the order, unless the Court orders otherwise.

(B) The only entities permitted to review documents or transcripts of proceedings placed under seal are those entities specified in the order, except that the following entities shall also have access to matters placed under seal unless the Court specifically rules otherwise: (1) the judge presiding over the case, (2) the law clerk to whom the matter is assigned internally by the presiding judge, (3) the Courtroom Deputy responsible for the matter, (4) the Clerk of the Court, and (5) the presiding judge and staff of any appellate tribunal.

(b) Disposition of Sealed Documents.

(1) Documents or transcripts of proceedings under seal may be forwarded to an appellate court without the necessity of unsealing the matter. The matter so forwarded shall be accompanied by a true copy of the order placing the matter under seal. Further motions with regard to the sealing or unsealing of a matter shall be filed with the Court that entered the original order sealing the matter, notwithstanding the pendency of an appeal.

(2) Upon the entry of an order unsealing a matter (or upon the expiration of the time period specified in paragraph (a)(3)(A), supra), the Clerk (or other person responsible for the maintenance of the matter) shall place the document or transcript of proceedings in the file of the case or adversary proceeding.