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(a) Inapplicable to Adversary Proceedings.

The provisions for examination under FRBP 2004 shall be inapplicable to adversary proceedings.

(b) Notice.

Not less than 14 days written notice of a proposed examination shall be given to the entity to be examined, and its counsel. The notice shall have a certificate of conference attached indicating what efforts were made to obtain an agreeable date, time and place for the 2004 examination. The entity to be examined shall object to the proposed examination within 7 days after service of the notice. The notice shall describe the scope of the examination and describe any documents requested.

(c) No Order Required.

Unless a motion to quash or for a protective order is granted the noticed examination shall be, by this Local Rule, deemed ordered by the Court. The notice of intent to conduct Rule 2004 Examination need not be filed. Attendance and production of documentary evidence requested of an entity other than the debtor shall comply with FRBP 9016.

(d) Motions to Quash.

If an entity objects to the examination for any reason, it must file a motion to quash, and request and obtain an expedited hearing on such motion before the scheduled date and time of the examination. Notwithstanding the filing of a motion to quash, the party to be examined must appear for the noticed examination unless otherwise excused by the Court, or if the notice provides less than 14 days notice.